5 Things to do to Beat Michigan Winter Blues

The snow keeps comin, Christmas is just a distant memory, and your Instagram feed is full of sorority recruitment posts.  You know what that means — it’s almost time to go back to school!

In case you haven’t noticed, Michigan winters can be rough.  Like, realllly rough.  In fact, this website ranked the Mitten the second-worst state to live in when the temps start to drop.  But the snow is not without its charm. When the subzero temps and snowbank mountains get you down, check out these 5 winter activities you can do in Hillsdale.

1. Ice Skating

Lake Bawbeese

It’s not just a summer hotspot — take advantage of Hillsdale’s favorite (and only) lakefront this winter! Rent skates from the front desk in the Student Union and hit the ice.  Well, not literally.

Optimist Ice Arena

If the thought of outdoor skating gives you cold feet (ha ha), consider a trip to Optimist Ice Arena in Jackson for slightly warmer ice skating fun.

1300 W North St, Jackson, MI 49202


Strength Rejoices in the Challenge (aka Strength Rejoices in Icy Walks to Class).

2. Sledding

It’s called Hillsdale for a reason! Rent sleds from Hayden Park and take advantage of Hillsdale’s slope-filled terrain.  After years of research, we’ve developed the following list of the best spots around town to sled:

3. Cross Country Skiing

Head down to Hayden park, rent a pair of skis, and hit up the Bawbeese trail, the Cross Country Course, or just zip around for fun.  Better yet — race friends! This winter activity gets you moving but is also a fun way to take in the beauty of nature this season.  There’s a lot more to winter in Hillsdale than brown sludge lining the roads.

Snow builds character — or at least some pretty cool snowmen.

4. Classic Snow-Filled Fun

Snowball Fights

Do you really need instructions on this one?  All in all, it’s just highly encouraged.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Get creative and build some frozen art this winter around campus.  The statues on the Liberty Walk could always use an extra pal.


3 Words: Snow Ice Cream

Wishing the Udder Side were open year-round?  Us too.  Check out this link to build the perfect snow ice cream sundae in the meantime.


5. Indoor Pastimes

For those who want to avoid the frigid outdoor temperatures at *all* costs


Check Out Hillside Lanes for a break from the cold and good old fashioned bowling fun.  Better yet: come out for an SAB Bowling Night, and we’ll foot the bill.

Movie Theaters: When Netflix Just Won’t Cut It

There are lots of great movies premiering at the start of the new year! See what’s playing and treat yo’self this winter to a bucket of popcorn and a cinematic experience at one of these theaters:

*Fun fact:  SAB will be renting out the Hillsdale theater for students to attend a movie premiere for free this semester. Which movie?  Stay tuned to find out.

Winter in Hillsdale can be tough, but with a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of layers, it can be more than just scraping your car every morning or freezing on your walk to class.


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