5 New Year’s Resolutions You Will Actually Do

“I pledge to only eat green vegetables washed in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.” “I’m going to drink equal amounts of lattes and water (except on days when I study).” “I plan on getting more sleep each night–but if the Bachelor is on, I have to stay up.” New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone has them, but few see them all the way through. Can we all stop lying to ourselves about making unrealistic lifestyle changes? Let’s face it. Most New Year’s resolutions fail before we even get out of January.  That’s because the majority of resolutions set don’t have any plan, objectives, or strategy to help our goals flourish.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in planning campus activities, a resolution without a plan is just a fleeting wish. It’s time we take a stand and set some attainable resolutions! And just because it’s dubbed “New YEAR’S Resolution” doesn’t mean it has to last all year.  In fact, these 5 are meant to get you through break and geared up for another stellar semester!

Homecoming bonfire and fireworks
Let’s get the New Year started!


1. Set Goals

You don’t plan nearly 40 campus-wide events unless you set some concrete goals. With the spring semester approaching close, it’s important to set some SMART goals to help you focus on what’s most important. Find out more about SMART goals!

Specific // Measurable // Attainable // Realistic // Timely

Whether you want to spend more time building relationships, make your weekends more efficient, or spend all six hours at Centralhallapalooza follow some basic SMART principles and you’ll be checking goals off your list in no time.

2. Get Organized

We use this down time to get a head start on the semester ahead. The more work we schedule out in advance, the more we can focus on the finer details once activities are back in swing. Calendars (Outlook, Google, planners) are crucial to our success as it allows everyone to mark down important meetings, events, and other activity related appointments. We know, nothing groundbreaking here. But have you done it yet?!

3. Learn a New Skill

With an ever-changing world, it’s essential we, as millennials, keep up with the latest in technology, media, and other related trends. After all, we’ll have to leave College one day (tell that to Van Wilder). Thankfully, there is a wellspring of FREE tutorials, certifications, and classes you can take online to help you learn new skills and become more marketable. Some cost a bit, but hey, maybe it’s worth it. Here’s a couple things our officers and assistants are pursuing this New Year.

4. Read What You Love 

We know what you’re thinking. Winter break is a time to shelve the books for a while after a rigorous semester. Although we concur it is an ideal time to rest from required reading (sorry Western Heritage), it’s an even better time to embark on new reading adventures that you wouldn’t normally have the time to start in the midst of the semester hullabaloo. We look at reading as an escape; a vacation if you will. Grab that book you’ve been wanting to finish all year and actually finish it! Not into books? Try blogs as they’re a fast way to get your info fix (*HINT* you’re reading one right now). Here’s some books (and blogs) that are on our list:

5. Daydream

Yep, that’s right. Daydreaming is a beneficial tool that allows us to be creative beyond what we believe to be actually “doable.” Now we know this isn’t exactly a “resolution” in its truest sense, however, we believe daydreaming to be more of a selective state of mind. Daydreaming can come when you least expect it and in a variety of forms. For example, ever listen to music and not remember the last three songs that were played? Yeah, you were daydreaming. Ever go for a jog and forget how many laps you ran? Daydreaming. Ever sit in class…okay we won’t go there. It’s in those moments of unlimited creative space when we think up some of our greatest ideas. We need to daydream in different ways to come up with innovative creative initiatives that help campus to flourish with greater activity. Maybe you’re next big idea or project will come from it! Try Pinterest to make sure you remember all of those lovely daydreams.


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