The ABC’s of Hillsdale College

We hope you’re all enjoying the holidays with family, using your free time to catch up with old friends, and blocking out the bad memories from finals week. But in case you’re starting to miss the good ‘ole Dale, we threw together this list of some of our favorite aspects of our second home: what it stands for, its odd quirks, the lessons it’s taught us, and the memories it’s given us. Enjoy!

A: Arnn       

What kind of college president has all Seniors to his house for dinner… ours does!

Arboretum, AJs Cafe, American Heritage, (Student) Ambassadors, Ad Liberty Improv, Aristotle, ATO. 

B: Baw Beese Lake

A beach, kayaks, volleyball and the lake… what else do you need to procrastinate?

The Beautiful, Benzing, Biermann, Bon Appetit, Bowling Nights, Broadlawn, Broadstreet, Brock Lutz.

C: Centralhallapalooza

Our biggest banger — the ultimate culmination of all things happy.

CCAs, Central Hall, Chapel, Charger Athletics, Challenge (& the strength that rejoices in it), Checker Records, Chief, Chi Omega, Charger Change, Coffee Cup, The Collegian, Color Run, Concert on the Quad, Constitution, the Core, County Fair, CPAC.

D: Day of Thanks

So many things to be thankful for, so little time to write…

Dean Pete & Dean Philipp, Defending Liberty, Delp Hall, Derby Days, Donors, Dow Center, DSP, DTD, Dutch Uncle.

E: Eagles

Always watching over your studies — and most likely the runner-up for our school’s mascot.  Ten points to Gryffindor if you’ve counted the number of eagles in the Heritage Room.

Equip, El Cerritos, Equestrian.

F: Finals Week

Or is hell week worse?

 Fall Break, Fall Fest, Federation, (Ultimate) Frisbee, Finish Line, Frederick Douglass.

G: The Good

We all (sort of ) know what it means, but still might be a little frightened to run into Arnn at lunch.

Galloway, Garden Party, Glei’s, GOAL, Great Books, Grewcock

H: Homecoming

A week to exercise that competitive spirit, dominate Mock Rock, and catch up with old friends.

Handmade, Hayden Park,  Heaven, Hell, Heritage Room, Hillsdating, Hillsdalian, Hillside Lanes, Honor Code, Hype Nite.

I: It’s The People

Slogan for the town of Hillsdale, but we all know it applies to the College.

Ice Skating on the Quad (to make a return this year!), Imprimis, Inferno, Israel trips, Intramurals.

J: #justHillsdalethings

The only way to explain to friends back home what Hillsdale is like.

Jefferson, Jilly Beans, Jazz Concerts. 

K: Kirby Center

Hillsdalians seem to fit in pretty well in our nation’s capitol.  WHIP students and alumni alike find themselves working for governmental powerhouses.

Kendall, KKG, Koon.

L: Lundberg

“Gimme a C! Gimme an H!”  We all know how to finish this… and who started it.

Labor Day (& the classes we still have on it), Lighthouse, Lane Hall, Liberal Arts, Liberty, Ludwig Von Mises, The Liberty Walk.

M: Margaret Thatcher

All proud Hillsdalians know we have the only statue in North America dedicated to Lady Thatcher.

Maggie Anne’s, Maribeth’s, Major declaration selfies, Mauck, McIntyre, Messiah, Mock Rock, Mossey Library.

N: Nichomachean Ethics

We all read it the summer before our freshman year…. Or at least, we were supposed to (oops).

Naval Battle, Neidfeldt.

O: Otter’s Army

One of the first free t-shirts a Hillsdalian receives showcases the Otter’s Army logo — a sign of support for our football team and their head coach, Keith Otterbein.

Olds Dorm, Old Snack Bar, Overheard at Hillsdale College.

P: Prez Ball

Crowning our favorite seniors… then watching them dance with the Arnn’s!

Palace (after midnight, of course), Parent’s Weekend, Pi Beta Phi, Physical Wellness Dynamics, Plato, Purgatory, Pursuing Truth, #PursuingFun.

Q: The Quad

A place for SAB parties, statue golfing, studying, and shorter walks to the Union.

R: Ronald Reagan

Walk through campus on any given day, and you’ll see at least one Reagan/Bush shirt worn.

Ring by Spring (myth or reality?).


Hey, that’s us!  We plan campus-wide parties, and we have a pretty fun time doing it.

Saga, Sage, Saucy Dog’s, Searle Center, Senior Dinner, Senior Sidewalk, Shakespeare in the Arb, Sigma Chi, Simpson, Smith’s Flowers, Socrates, the Source, Splex, Statues (& occasionally golfing between them), Strosacker, the Suites, Swing Dancing.

T: Truth

We pursue it — not through social media or fleeting trends, but through timeless literature and stimulating lectures.

Thatcherball, Toasted Mud, Tower Dancers, Tower Light, Troop 1844.

U: Underground Tunnels

One thing that makes the long Michigan winter more bearable?  The tunnel connecting Lane & Kendall Halls, two of our most populated classroom buildings.  You don’t even have to step outside to get to your next class.

“Up the Hill,” Udder Side.

V: Virtus Tentamine Gaudet

“Strength Rejoices in the Challenge”: the motto of Hillsdale College, and an experience we’re all familiar with (especially following finals week).

W: Welcome Party

A time at the beginning of the year to meet new friends and catch up with old. 

Washington, Waterman, The Writing Center, Whalen, Whitley, WHIP, Whorley, The Winona Yearbook.

X: XC Domination

Charger Athletes don’t just hang with the big dogs in Division II athletics — they kick butt.  Boasting several top finishes and All-Americans, our cross country teams are just one example of excellence.  We’re just glad we don’t have to run as much as they do.

Y: Yik Yak

So much drama, all from a cartoon animal.  We must admit, we’re glad this app has lost its once-booming popularity.

Z: Zombie Run

It’s okay to say you ran for your life just this once!  The Zombie Run brings performers and runners together in a spooky spectacle around Halloween.


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