Finals Food Fixes

As finals week approaches and the light that is Christmas break glows brighter and brighter, the question on everyone’s mind is this: what should I eat today? While there are many important papers to write, group study guides to work on, and holiday shindigs to attend, it’s important to keep in mind that you will fail to complete any of it without fuel. Fuel, in the human body sense, is synonymous with food. Lucky for all of you, food is my favorite thing.

While the grab-and-go classics (fruit, granola bar, ChexMix, Snickers, etc.) are always reliable, allow your appetite to take a trip down Delight-full Drive. Allow me to lead you through the healthy, the unhealthy, and the unnecessary-to-talk-about-in-the-light-of-day finals week menu.

We begin with the healthy. This is for the non-athletes who don’t have scheduled hours of constructive physical activity planned for them, the overachieving freshman who has managed to keep the 15 to a maximum of 5 so far, and the genuine health nut who really just enjoys life sugar-, gluten-, soy- , dairy-, and fun-free.


Microwave granola bar. Good for any time of day, but best when paired with the subpar Keurig coffee you’ve been drinking since the first frost came. Top it with dried fruit, nuts, and — if you’re feeling crazy — a few chocolate chips. You won’t regret this quick & easy breakfast.


For lunch, enjoy some microwaved protein, carbs, and veggies! This combination hits all of the food groups you believe to be important, and can be concocted in just a few minutes. Take advantage of whatever leftover spices your healthy friends have stocked on their shelves to make it even tastier!



Now that you’ve kept your day light and healthy, indulge a bit for dinner. This is the final pump of fuel for your evening of studying. Take this twist on a classic to remind yourself of tastier times and the fact that home, Mom, and Panera are not far away. If you plan ahead, you can bring home some chicken from Bon Appetit to help fill up your dinner mug!

Now. On to the “unhealthy.” This is a relative term, and no offense should be taken. If eating comforting, easy, and filling meals during finals week is considered “unhealthy,” then consider me Faaaaat Albert.


Start your day with some warm, gooey carbohydrates. You can make this protein-packed classic with different nut butters, fresh fruits, and sugar-laden syrup to get that “balanced” breakfast everyone boasts about. Use either instant or steel cut oats — either way, you are bound to enjoy this filling breakfast.



This microwavable childhood classic is sure to reboost your downtrodden spirit after that Macro final. Take a break from the books to whip up some homemade Spaghettios and kick up your feet for a minute… or five.


While haters will say that it’s too close to lunch, trust me, it’s 100% worth it. This spaghetti has meat, cheese, and carbs that are too delicious to pass up. This meal will be sure to give you that push you need to complete your study guide. Don’t worry, the 10 hours ahead of you will be much easier with a tummy full of yummy!

And, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the unnecessary-to-talk-about-in-the-light-of-day. Enjoy these mood-, weight-, and hope-boosting snacks any day; any hour.



These 22 mug desserts will satisfy any hard working student’s sweet tooth. Enjoy the fruitier ones for a celebratory breakfast, and cap off a day of hard work with a gooey, oozing, chocolate-filled mug… bonus points if you add ice cream.

Midnight Snack:

My personal MVP of the microwave meal world, one can truly never go wrong with this ultimate comfort food. I encourage anyone with taste buds & a metabolism to try this winning mac & cheese recipe!

In the midst of a jam-packed, torturous week, rest assured that food will not abandon you, even in your darkest hour. Stay fueled, hydrated, and honest during the coming weeks – your body and your GPA will thank you for it!

Bone App the Teeth, students.


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