Turkey Day Travels

Turkey. Mashed Potatoes. Stuffing. Gravy.  It’s all SOOOO close.

By the time Thanksgiving break rolls around, it’s easy for us to be overwhelmed with packing amidst those last-minute papers and tests. If you haven’t already left campus, here are three easy tips to alleviate that packing-induced stress.

Take Only What’s Essential

When I travel, I like to take a minimalist approach (let’s be real, suitcase space is precious!).  Therefore, the most important thing to keep in mind when you’re getting ready to go on break is to take only what you need.

As you pick pieces from your wardrobe, try to pack for versatility. For example, don’t pack three pairs of shoes that only go with three different outfits. Take a pair that does it all.  Besides, you’re only going home for a few days, so you might as well pack what you wear best.  With Thanksgiving specifically in mind, pack comfy clothes for lots of eating & napping.  Elastic waistbands encouraged.

When it comes to school work, you can apply a similar principle. Don’t take all your books home if you know you won’t have time to touch them all.  Try to be realistic and take only what you know you need to work on.



Get a Head Start

Okay, so you’ve packed efficiently and have some extra room.  Here’s your chance to plan ahead!  Pack some things you know you’ll need to take home later on to save yourself some stress at the end of the semester.  Whether it’s extra clothes, books from previous semesters, or unwanted objects you brought with you freshman year, do yourself a favor and get rid of the clutter (Not to mention, your parents will probably get a kick out of your Western Heritage reader!). This is especially helpful to all those seniors who will be leaving at the end of next semester. Might as well get a head start!

Be Adventure Ready

The final – and perhaps my favorite – part of getting ready to leave for break is getting the right music and snacks. You’ve been at school for the last 12 weeks, and if your academics have been anything like mine, you may not have had a chance to keep track of all the new music that’s out. If you have a few minutes, take some time to track down that new jam you heard at the last basketball game or put together a playlist of your favorite classics. The best part about crafting a Spotify playlist is that you can do it while you’re packing here on campus, on your way to the airport, or riding (not driving) in the car home. Feel free to check out the road trip playlist below from yours truly!


As far as snacks go, grab your favorite candy, espresso drink, or munchies for your travel extravaganza on your way to the airport.  Got a long drive?  You might want to skip the candy so that you’re not dozing off on the highway later when you come down from that sugar high.  Opt for nuts, pretzels, or crackers instead.

Whether you’re traveling near or far, packing smart always makes for a better journey, an enjoyable stay, and lighter luggage. Above all, travel safe and get some rest this break. Happy Thanksgiving, Chargers!

Jared Eckert


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