Kind to the ‘Bon’: Three Things You Didn’t Know About Bon Appetit

At the start of the 2014-2015 school year, students were pleasantly surprised when a new food service made its debut on Hillsdale’s campus.  Since then, Bon Appetit has gone above and beyond simply serving the delicious breakfast, lunches, and dinners students enjoy daily.

Student activities would not be possible without the help of Bon Appetit and the friendly faces behind the kitchen.  From the wing eating contest during Spirit Week, to large-scale, catered events like the Senior Tailgate, Garden Party, Centralhallapalooza, and President’s Ball, Bon Appetit is always there to please students with anything from yummy dirt pudding to endless chicken tenders.

Here are three lesser-known reasons why we we love Bon Appetit:

Palate Professors:

At Hillsdale, a lot of your hard work on campus ends up paying off, but you don’t usually get to eat your success for dinner — unless you’ve participated in Bon Appetit’s on-campus cooking classes.  Experienced Catering Chef, Patrick Kinder, covers topics ranging from the art of chicken noodle soup to how to bake the perfect Christmas cookies.  We can’t tell which part of these classes is our favorite: the fact that they’re free for students or the fact that you get to eat your finished product.  Bon Appetit’s next cooking class is this Wednesday at 7pm — it’s not too late to sign up!  Work on those baking skills before the holiday season.

Last year, students learned how to make apple pies at one of our favorite cooking classes to date.

Local Love:

A few weeks ago, we talked about why we love our little town.  Local business makes our events possible, but it also puts the food on our plates.  Bon Appetit prioritizes local sources of fresh food and holds an annual ‘Eat Local Challenge’ in the fall. During this event, an entire station in the cafeteria is comprised of ingredients that are sourced within 150 miles of Hillsdale College. This year, the event featured trout from Jackson, squash from Clinton, and cider from Glei’s here in Hillsdale.

David Apthorpe, General Manager of Bon Appetit, volunteered to help judge our ‘Charger Chopped’ competition last year.

The Extra Mile:

Did you see the spread of Halloween cakes at lunch last week?  Have you ever noticed the Bon Appetit employees who wipe up the crumbs on your table before you can blink?  Guess who gets to deal with the mountain of dishes on the conveyor belt on those busy Monday afternoons?  Bon Appetit makes all of those fancy desserts for holiday meals but also deals with the not-so-glamorous side of dining.

What’s more, they donate items to student groups like A Few Good Men and Students Against Cancer to help out with their charity events, provide meal alternatives for students with dietary restrictions, and offer special meal times for traveling athletic teams.  Bon Appetit doesn’t just do it well — they do it with a smile. So, next time you’re in line at the Café grabbing your serving from ‘Passport,’ make sure to thank Bon Appetit for their continual dedication and love toward all students!


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