Get Hype for Hype Nite



Our charger basketball teams are cool under pressure, but they’re depending on you to come in clutch this Thursday night.  Upperclassmen, you might remember Hype Nite as the event last year when this viral video broke Resnet (love you, Cassidy!).  Freshmen, you’re in for a treat.  The beginning of the basketball season calls for a healthy dose of Charger Spirit, and this event is meant to facilitate just that.

Here’s why you should come out to Hype Nite this Thursday at 8pm in the Sports Complex:

1. Charger Love.

How do basketball players stay cool during a game?

They stand near the fans.

We could have some of the best teams in our conference this year, but no winning season is complete without screaming fans.  Be there on Thursday to scout your Chargers’ skills before their final season in the GLIAC and warm up your vocal chords for the home games to come.



2. Fresh Faces.

Both the men’s and women’s teams have plenty of returning talent this season, and we love watching upperclassmen make their mark. You might be a little less familiar, though, with the freshmen and transfers that will light up the court this year alongside them.

Four dynamite freshmen will make their debut on the women’s team, and the men’s team has plenty of exciting newcomers, too, including a sophomore transfer from Indiana University.  Come see the new talent show off their skills in shooting contests.

3. Can You Dunk?

Neither can we, but we like to take notes & dream.  Watch men’s basketball players pull tricks out of their arm sleeves in the dunk contest.  Last year, Kyle Cooper — now a professional ball player abroad — made the crowd go wild with this perfect 360.

Gordon Behr killed it in last year’s competition with his blindfolded dunk.


4. We Got a Real Jam Goin’ Down.

Some of the best songs in hip hop history have stemmed from the sport of basketball: Space Jam, Lil Bow Wow’s Basketball, and Getcha Head in the Game, to name a few (just kidding on that last one, but only kind of).  Jam out to some of these classic songs, along with all of the catchy, live tunes our pep band will bring to the court.

5. Seven Days Without Pizza Makes One Weak.

Come on, you deserve this. Free pizza & other snacks will be awarded to anyone who gives up two hours of their Thursday night to have fun.  Some lucky chargers will even be blessed with apparel and other free merch from the bookstore.


6. Your Cheerleader Crush.

If anyone knows the meaning of hype, it’s the cheer squad.  With football season gradually drawing to a close, these Charger super-fans are preparing to cheer on the ballers this Winter. Watch them shut the place down in a special dance performance that may or may not involve Beyonce. *swoon*

Hype Nite isn’t just about the ballers — the cheerleaders are pumped to perform!

7. Get Rich Quick.

Whether you’re trying to pay for your tuition or your Checker Records addiction, a little extra cash never hurt anyone.  We’ll be giving out thousands of dollars this year through head-to-head student competitions, winners guaranteed.  All you need to do is show up for your chance to be drawn as a contestant. Sold yet?  See you Thursday – bring your game face.


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