8 Reasons to Color Run on the 8th

This Saturday at 11:00am, we’ll be seeing red — or maybe yellow, green, blue, pink, orange, and purple.  Come chase the Good, the True, and the Colorful on the cross-country trails at Hayden Park.  There’s a reason this race has been dubbed the “Happiest 5k on the Planet.”

Not sold?  Here are the top 8 reasons why you should run on October 8th:

8. Strength rejoices in the workout.

Sitting in your favorite study chair is no good for your body (or soul!) after awhile. Shake up your black & white workout routine and walk, run, or crawl your way through three miles of rainbow-colored cardio.


7. Dinner table topics.

Parents’ Weekend is just around the corner… Nervous about your fall semester grades? Or maybe you’re cringing at the thought of answering the “so have you found a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?” question.  Do yourself a favor and give yourself something else to talk about with Mom & Pop.  Tell them about that time you ran three miles while getting pelted with paint.

6. Those stinky socks in the corner of your room.

Speaking of moms — they can sense that you haven’t been doing your laundry from miles & states away.  You need to catch up anyway, and rainbow-stained running shorts might be just the push you need to finally get the detergent flowing.

5. #PureMichigan.

Your clothing won’t be the only thing covered in color out at Hayden this weekend.  The leaves are reaching their finest fall hues this time of year, but everyone knows that this beautiful Michigan autumn won’t stick around forever.  Soon, you’ll be drowning in itchy turtlenecks and wishing you had made the most of your time outside. Enjoy it while you can!

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell who has more fun – the runners or the color-throwers!

4. Pics or it didn’t happen.

Pining for a new profile picture or that elusive 300th like?  Look no further.  SAB photo dynamo Matt Kendrick will be taking action pics throughout the course as you get doused in clouds of color, and no one can judge you for taking before-and-after selfies.  The transformation will be epic.

3. Midterm stress.

Struggling over Cicero?  Battling your way through Physics?  No matter what you’re studying, you will need a break at some point this weekend.  Give your brain and your frowning muscles a chance to let loose with 30ish minutes of good, clean fun.

2. Post-race snacks.

FREE FOOD — Not sure we have to talk you into this one.

Friends don’t let friends Color Run alone.

1. All the cool kids are doing it.

The Color Run is, more than anything, a time to have fun with friends.  Get hyped up before the race, use your running buddy as a human shield from color-throwers, cross the finish line hand-in-hand, and laugh at each other’s multicolored teeth this Saturday.  See you there!



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