Garden What?

Garden Party.

What does that even mean?  Some sort of convention for plant enthusiasts?  This hit song from the 70s?

We’ll admit — the name of this event is a little obscure.  No fear, though, freshmen: here’s all you need to know about the party of the semester coming up this Saturday.

Garden Party gets its name from the setting of the event.  Each fall, SAB hosts a semiformal outdoor party in the Slayton Arboretum to get everyone all together before the icy Michigan temps slowly start creeping in.  Something about the name ‘Garden Party’ came off a bit catchier than ‘Arb Party.’

Garden Party
Last year’s ‘Mardi Party’ theme was a hit — masks and beads were handed out all night.  This year’s floral theme won’t disappoint!

This year’s event will be also be moved back to its original cozy location on the Southern side of the Arb after last year’s switch to the opposite end.  What’s more, our fab Decorations Chair, Mackie, decided to take the theme of the event back to its roots (no pun intended) with an elegant take on florals.  Though the Mardi Gras theme of last year was a success, flowers and plenty of twinkly lights will be the headliners for this year’s decor.

Wait wait wait, there’s more: The food line up is looking mighty fine and will be sure to grab even the most avid dancers off the floor for a quick snack break (remember those oreo parfaits from last year?  They’re baaaaack).  There will be a live band to get everyone back on their feet, and our SAB team has been working hard to make a fun floral backdrop for the photo station under the gazebo.

Speaking of photos, wondering where all of those event pictures we take on our nice cameras end up?  Head over to Facebook and like our page to check out the albums from Welcome Week & more.  Tag yourself and all of your friends!

Freshmen — if you’re wondering what to wear this Saturday, don’t sweat it.  Girls wear anything from sundresses to formal gowns, and guys usually fall somewhere between jeans and a suit.  Whatever you wear, though, make sure you can dance in it!  Depending on the weather for the rest of the week, the Arb could get a little muddy with all of the foot traffic, so you might not want to wear your most beloved pair of kicks.

Questions? Comments?  Let us know.  Feedback is so important to what we do!  See you on Saturday, Chargers.


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