A Spotlight on Music

Welcome Party. Tailgates. Fall Fest. Garden Party. Karaoke Nights. President’s Ball. Airband. Centralhallapalooza.  Every party that our team throws is unique, but one of the common threads that ties them all together?  Music.  Whether being performed live or blasted out of our trusty SAB speakers, each and every one of our events involves music in some capacity.

This Friday night, SAB partners with national music fraternity Phi Mu Alpha  to host our annual Concert on the Quad.  The same grassy area that held the enormous Welcome Week tent, a mechanical bull, and dozens of club tables this past week will be transformed into an outdoor coffee shop setting.

We love this event because it’s a laid back time for musicians all over campus to come together to perform in front of each other and their less-musically-inclined peers.  Some of the solo spots are heartfelt enough to give you goosebumps, while other students take the stage and make everyone laugh with witty tunes.  In a fall season full of challenging new classes, football hype, and fresh routines, it’s important to keep in mind that Charger Spirit extends to all endeavors on campus — and music is definitely no exception.

Members of Sigma Alpha Iota, the national women’s music fraternity on campus, were all smiles at last year’s COTQ.

So, what does music look like on Hillsdale’s campus?

It looks like the beautiful Howard Music Building, full of rehearsal halls, individual practice rooms, and plenty of passionate professors.  It looks like the dozens of talented students that excitedly find their home in one of the popular music fraternities on campus.  It looks like a group of sports fans and instrumentalists alike cheering on the Chargers in the pep band.  It looks like nervous students taking the stage in front of their friends for their first voice recital or student actors and actresses getting into character for a long-awaited musical theatre performance.  It looks like the 25% of non-music majors actively participating in at least one music ensemble.  The list goes on.  We appreciate the melodies that lie in every little corner of our campus.

Interested in finding your place within the music department?  Read up here and drop by Concert on the Quad this Friday from 7-10pm to see what these crazy-talented students are up to.



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