SAB Bios // Shelby Phillips

Name: Shelby Phillips

Class: Senior

Position: Event Coordinator

Favorite Event: Centralhallapalooza

Shelby. Where do we start with you. Just kidding, we love Shelby.

Believe us when we say it, this girl’s got a way with organizing and delegating. In her own words, she’s pretty good at “budgeting that cash flow and making pretty excel sheets.” On a serious note, we know we’d be a little dazed and confused without her admirable leadership and heart to serve campus. Speaking of leadership…

This fierce, fun loving student has kept her social life busy staying involved with the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Charger Cheer (she’s the captain), and of course, a valuable veteran on our own squad. Initially starting as an assistant from the encouragement of former director and cousin, Haley Johnson, Shelby quickly displayed that she is ready for whatever task we throw her way. 

Often times, you hear people say they want to plan events for a living. You sure about that? There’s a lot that goes into planning events even though our campus is relatively small. Needless to say, the tasks can pile up quickly–especially when you only have a team of ten student employees. In many ways, Shelby acts as our project manager. Not only does she assign what everyone needs to do and when it needs to be done by but she also *take a deep breath* manages budgetary expenditures, delegates work shifts, creates event surveys, writes event summary reports, tracks weekly meeting notes, schedules event timelines, creates band itineraries, compiles registration lists, and walks around like a boss. Combining all of these tasks together allows our events and activities run smoothly for campus.

If that isn’t enough evidence to see how much Shelby loves Hillsdale, just see what she says about her experience with SAB:

“SAB allows me to serve my college in the most awesome ways. It’s taught me skills I’d never learn in a classroom all while having a blast. Throwing campus wide events actually means campus wide at Hillsdale, which is special in and of itself. It has disciplined me to appreciate the community we have here”   

We know the passion Shelby has for our campus will continue to shine through, especially during her final year with us. We’re confident our team will be prepared for the stacked activity-curriculum about to roll out in a few short weeks because of her commitment to the betterment of our school’s social atmosphere.

Here’s to you our captivating coordinator, and here’s to a better social life!


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