SAB Bios // Lyndsey Bice

Name: Lyndsey Bice

Class: Junior

Position: Assistant

Favorite Event: Too many to choose from….

Guess who’s back, back again?!

Okay, you caught us… Eminem isn’t joining the squad this year. Coming in a close second, the wonderful Lyndsey Bice makes her return!

Back from her WHIP Hiatus, this spunky ball of fire has shown what she’s got from the beginning, when she was hired as a Freshman ( say what?!). Her time in the State’s Capital sadly took her away from us for a semester, sad. We know deep down when she was honing her managerial skills working for political candidates, she was really preparing for SAB events. Beyond that she excels greatly at being organized and encouraging others to get involved… most likely uses her limboing and juggling skills as tools of persuasion.


Although we know she enjoyed her time in DC – she definitely missed us

SAB brings students from all different groups and interests and gives them a common ground to come together as one. This shows me the true beauty of a small campus and makes me really appreciate how much such a small community can offer. SAB has created a home for me and has introduced me to so many people and experiences I may have otherwise missed out on”

Aw we missed you too, Lynds!

When asked what her favorite SAB event is, this social butterfly couldn’t list just one.. So here’s her top three:

  1. Airband: because when else does she have an excuse to belt out her favorite High School Musical tunes in front of a crowded Underground
  2. Gingerbread Wars: because there’s no better way to get into the Christmas Spirit  and channel your inner pastry chef!
  3. Karaoke Nights: Can we request more High School Musical please?!

It’s no surprise to us that she listed such entertaining events. If her involvement with the Cheer team and Chi Omega Sorority isn’t enough evidence, we can attest that she is a HOOT to have around!

She may be full of and energy but it isn’t all fun and games here- she believes what we do is crucial to excelling in all aspects of your Hillsdale life, and she commits

To create a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere for friendship and fun outside of the classroom; leading to a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere of friendship, love, and support within the classroom”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Here to you our adorable assistant….and here’s to a better social life!


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