SAB Bios // Rachel Moore

Name: Rachel Moore

Year: Senior

Position: Assistant

Favorite Event: Homecoming

When she first began her time on the Student Activities Board, Rachel Moore came across as a fairly shy individual. We can confirm, after a full two years with us, Rachel is NOT a shy individual. In her own words, “I love to talk.” You could say she broke out of her proverbial “shell” as she immersed herself in the fast-paced-student-event-planning-realm-job-thing.

Rachel’s wide range of involvement on campus set her apart as a great hire for SAB . She maintains that balancing act holding membership in Pi Beta Phi, Hillsdale Cheer, and InterVarsity. She even leads a Bible study at her off-campus house dubbed “The Flock” (shameless plug). As if that weren’t enough, Rachel works as a Student Ambassador for the Admissions department making her extremely knowledgeable of campus.

With her vast knowledge of campus, Rachel helps SAB focus on how our work of planning activities and honoring tradition coincides with the college’s mission. For example, we aim to continually respect the traditions created here at Hillsdale College. Some of these traditions are organic (Statue Golf), while others are created by a collaboration of departments. Rachel particularly enjoys planning for our annual tradition of Homecoming because it’s a time in which current students and alumni can celebrate the joys of Hillsdale together. The week-long planning of events finally reaching it’s pinnacle at Mock Rock is like an ongoing, 168 hour party!

Speaking of traditions, our events are rather uncommon occurrences at many other institutions. Since we occupy a rural environment, we have to make our own fun. Thankfully, that spurs our creativity to reach beyond our comfort zones allowing us to produce one of a kind experiences for campus to enjoy. Creativity, however, can only reach so far without commitment. Rest assured, you can count on Rachel’s commitment to work hard preparing for every activity while also ensuring those activities are friendly to all areas of campus.

In addition to her love of talking, Rachel also enjoys brainstorming ways to improve our processes, generating new ideas, and decorating. Ultimately, it comes down to creating an amazing experience for her hard-working peers. After tiring weeks of studying in the classroom, having social opportunities available that are fun and interactive help us to all relax and enjoy life just a little bit more. The best thing is, she gets joy from that.

Here’s to you our awesome assistant, and here’s to a better social life!


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