SAB Bios // Matt Kendrick

Name: Matthew Kendrick

Class: Sophomore

Position: Media Assistant

Favorite Event: Centralhallapalooza

Napoleon Dynamite once said, “Girls only want boyfriends that have great skills.” We’re not sure if he’s on the market, but what we do know is that Matthew Kendrick has a lot of great skills. Photography skills, photo editing skills, videography skills. The list goes on…

Matt impressed us all during his interview in which we were able learn about his passion to serve. His team first attitude enhanced his already impressive batch of tangible skills, leading us to hire one of the few freshmen on the team. It’s no doubt that his involvement in various organizations on campus such as Students for Life, Equip Ministries, and Debate contribute to his infectious passion. After all, Matt’s personal mantra is:

“to capture the heart and spirit of students on campus and portray the vitality of Hillsdale College.”

untitled (48 of 70)
Capturing joy in action.

His passion for portraying the vitality of Hillsdale no doubt comes from his belief in the community here–something we all share (cue warm fuzzies). Matt believes that SAB helps him learn how to continue building community. He’s excited that this platform gives him the chance to get to know more people on campus while also furthering his knowledge in media.

Although a large majority of our team members are highly energetic and outspoken, we greatly appreciate the softer voices within our group to offer different perspectives on our engagement with campus. Matt may not be as vocal as some of our other team members, however he allows his work to do the talking. There’s no doubt he’s going to have a serious impact on our visual presence and content curation throughout the year.

So next time you come across a stunning snapshot from one of our events, a candid Instagram post, or a Facebook album littered with high-quality photos, chances are, you can thank Matt for that (click here to see some of his awesome work). It’s been said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. When Matt takes a photo, however, we think think it’s worth a novel’s portion of material!

Here’s to you our flawless photographer, and here’s to a better social life!


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