SAB Bios // Jake Kenyon

Name: Jake Kenyon

Class: Sophomore

Position: Assistant

Favorite Event: President’s Ball

If you’ve ever babysat young children, you’re probably familiar with the show, Bob the Builder. Bob the Builder can build pretty much anything. Thankfully, we have someone like that on our team. His name is Jake. Jake, the builder, Kenyon.

Jake interviewed for the Student Activities Board in the spring of 2016 and instantly impressed us with his service-minded attitude and unique knowledge of carpentry. Unlike most jobs that ease you into the role, new hires for SAB get the proverbial “baptism by fire” in which they must prepare for the biggest event of the year, Centralhallpalooza. With only three weeks until the event, Jake was tasked with constructing three wooden bars and a wooden grand entrance way. Using his time management skills wisely, Jake successfully built all necessary pieces for the event and also reinforced them for future use.

As you can imagine, carpentry is one of Jake’s passions which makes his “work” become more like “play.” Not only that, Jake’s personal commitment to execute themes to their fullest potential drives him to go beyond his comfort zone, thus enhancing the overall event atmosphere. Working closely with Decorations Officer, Mackenzie Mahdashian, the two will work to bring visions of grandeur to life at all of our major events.

Always willing to give an extra “push” when needed.

When he’s not sawing, drilling, and hammering, Jake enjoys his time living off campus, maintaining a high grade point average, and operating as the Vice President for the Young American’s for Freedom organization. As an attendee, Jake was most fond of President’s Ball — a formal event in which over 3/4 of campus annually attends. Now, he is especially excited to finally produce his favorite event and truly make it come to life with his talents.

We’re thankful Jake will be coming back to campus a bit early to begin working on some projects before the year starts. As Jake puts it, “it’s better because I don’t have to worry about studying.” Valid point Mr. Kenyon! For a preview of some of his soon to be work, check this out. Until then, Jake is for hire if you need him to build items including but not limited to: bunk beds, balance beams, and Trojan horses with secret compartments used for sneak attacks.

Here’s to you our bountiful builder, and here’s to a better social life!



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