SAB Bios // Kendra Lantis

Name: Kendra Lantis

Class: Sophomore

Position: Assistant

Favorite Event: Welcome Party

If you don’t know Kendra Lantis yet, you better add it to your Hillsdale College bucket list! She’s one half of the unstoppable Lantii (plural of Lantis..maybe?) twins, but more importantly one of the three new members to the SAB team! Kendra recently joined the squad after her confident interview in the spring of 2016 in which she showed a commitment to improving all aspects of social life on campus. 

Our fun loving Hillsdale native (townie?), knows all about what it means to be part of the great Hillsdale Community, and that is exactly what she wants to share with you! There’s no place that compares to Hillsdale, especially as a community of like minded individuals. Kendra got it right when she said, “through SAB events, students get a chance to relax, build new friendships, and make new memories that they will value for the rest of their life.” It’s those insightful thoughts that help keep our team focused throughout the myriad of programming we organize during the year.

She’ll be enjoying her Michigan summer honing her customer service skills working at both the Dow Center Hotel and Johnny T’s restaurant (saying that she knows the in’s and out’s of Hillsdale would be an understatement). Kendra also plans to volunteer her time during the summer months prepping for various SAB activities to help get our team off and running before the year starts. Oh, and let’s not forget her family’s precious new puppy— pretty sure it’s taking way too much of her attention.

There’s no one this bubbly ray of sunshine can’t befriend, and we can’t wait to see her prove that this year. In fact, her friendliness reminds us of one of our all time favorite quotes: “Friends come and go, like waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay, like an octopus on your face”. That’s Kendra alright, a true friend, through and through.


She’s ready to rely on her artistic ability, experience as a social butterfly, and of course her faith and passion for life to impact the Student Activities Board and the student body in ways we can’t even imagine yet!
Here’s to our adorable assistant, and here’s to a better social life!



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