SAB Bios // Jared Eckert

Name: Jared Eckert

Class: Senior

Position: Graphics & Promotions Officer

Favorite Event: Garden Party

Picasso, Monet, Eckert…that’s Jared Eckert in case you were wondering.  Yes, we hold his work in that high of esteem. There’s no doubt you’ve encountered some of his beautifully designed pieces used as SAB promotional material for our events, but there’s much more to this creative mind than a couple of posters…

Originally hired as a Student Affairs Mentor in the Career Services office, Jared eventually applied for a position on SAB in order to creatively serve campus and further his professional development as a student. With a 1 1/2 years of experience now, we look to Jared for a vast majority of our print advertisements, social media content, and interactive promotional areas.

Although Jared is quite focused on creating gorgeous visual content, it’s not the only thing consuming his time. A large portion of his position deals with creating a tactical strategy that successfully attracts students to campus activities. We don’t believe providing opportunities is enough. We need to “sell” those opportunities as fun, exciting events worth your precious time. Anyone can make a poster. Few can design a comprehensive promotional campaign that engages a campus of 1,500 students. It’s in that challenge where we rely on Jared to formulate a creative plan that speaks to students of varying ages and interests.

While the Graphics and Promotions position could be made into a full-time job (laws currently prohibit us from making it that way!), Jared reserves his personal time to give back to other campus organizations like Equip Ministries and Philosophy honorary, Phi Sigma Tau. One of Jared’s favorite pieces to work on is Equip’s publication, “Fool’s Talk,” in which he lends his talents to help design the publication. Additionally, Jared is currently working on-campus for the summer of 2016, aiding the Hillsdale County Office of Economic Development , Hillsdale College External Affairs, and the Student Activities Office (duh). Some of his projects include, redesign of “The Mentor” publication, Student Activities Office calendar magnet, New Student Orientation t-shirts, and a refreshing new “Otter’s Army” logo!

A refreshed “Otter’s Army’s” logo will be the highlight on the free t-shirts given out at The Source this year.

When asked what his favorite SAB event to work on is, Jared is quite partial to the Garden Party:

The party is the perfect, complementary balance of natural outdoor beauty and simple decorations. It gets my inner Romanticism (Nathaniel Hawthorne style) flowing. I’ve also heard that there was a couple who got engaged just before Garden party (I may or may not have helped out with that engagement). Most of all, it’s an excuse for me to wear either a floral tie or an excessive amount of paisley, an opportunity rarely afforded to me.

We’re confident Jared can rock a floral tie at any occasion! Additionally, we’re thankful to give Jared a platform where he can develop his professional design skills, make memories with friends, meet other students, and occasionally break out unusual dance moves to get our events started off on the right foot.

untitled (6 of 70)
CHP Birthday Bash set up. A cool 18 hour day.

You can be assured that, through design and promotional material, Jared will create an aesthetic that captures the thriving, organic, community-oriented life at Hillsdale College. His goal is not only that this aesthetic would inspire students to engage with that thriving community (which SAB helps to foster and nourish with its events), but also that students would find a vision of life that captures something of their own.

Here’s to you our promotional prince, and here’s to a better social life!


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