SAB Bios // Lois Lesher

Name: Lois Lesher

Class: Senior

Position: Promotions Assistant

Favorite Event: Welcome Party

It’s everyone’s favorite running red head… Lois Lesher! You might recognize her as one of the brave faces you see gracefully striding the hills of our beautiful campus, but we love it most when she catches her breath and brings it on down to the Student Activities Office. Returning for a third year as the promotions assistant, this marketing guru is a vital part to letting everyone know what’s going on everywhere on campus…and we mean everywhere!

Taking a moment for an awkward, yet loving photo with Bridget.

The 2016 #hbdCHP Birthday Bash revealed her lifelong calling for balloon tying, but don’t worry, she also rocks at management, marketing, writing, and of course, blogging. In fact, we can’t wait for her to bring her talents to this blog at the start of the 2016-17 school year. In addition to working for SAB, Lois is also among the ranks of the lovely ladies of Chi Omega, participates regularly in Intramural Leagues, and somehow finds time to work two positions in the admissions and marketing offices (they try to steal her but we won’t allow it). This array of talents often leave her with a “bulls-eye” on her back–which she’ll put to the test this summer as she takes it to the mean streets of Grand Rapids in her Human Resources internship at Target.

The definition of party planning. 

Lois’ top priority is, drum roll please…YOU! She is especially excited about welcoming the new class of “FRE$H” faces to the Dale! It comes as no surprise then that her very favorite event is our Welcome Party. With the return of old friendships after a long summer apart and watching new ones begin to blossom …what better way to get connected before classes start? She especially loves the way SAB brings the entire campus together, allowing her to keep in touch with all her peeps (so true Lois, so true)!

We thank you, Lois, for your commitment to being a welcoming personality, to represent the student body as a whole, and to help create fun, safe, cohesive events for everyone to enjoy. We’re excited to watch her lead in what’s sure to be the most comprehensive activity curriculum to date. For a spark notes (we all use them) edition of Lois… Let’s just say she’s one shining face you’ll get used to seeing around!

We got a really big team

Here’s to you our perfect promoter … and here’s to a better social life!


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