Welcome to the Squad Ashlyn

Lyrical genius Tupac once said, “We gotta start makin’ changes.” Good advice Mr. Shakur, we’ll take that to heart. As the demands of the Student Activities Office continue to increase, we need a little backup. Introducing our new full-time staff member, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Ashlyn Landherr! Ashlyn, a (very) recent 2016 graduate of Hillsdale College and marketing management major, will soon become a familiar face with our student body in the Student Activities Office. More on that later. First, here’s three things you need to know about our new hire…

  1. Ashlyn is dangerous. No, seriously. She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and competed in multiple national competitions for the United States. It’s safe to say she loves America and can be your bodyguard.
  2. Ashlyn can beat you one on one and in a round of golf. As a four year, scholarship athlete on the basketball team, she helped lead the Chargers to victories both on and off the court. Not only that, she also played fore (get it?) years of competitive varsity golf in high school.
  3. Ashlyn is full of spirit. While most people like to coast through their senior year of college, Ashlyn chose to partner with some of her friends and revitalize the Troop 1844 student section. Offered no money or reward, she successfully pitched and received a proposal of $900 from Student Federation, recruited spirited students to join the group, and established a sustainable framework for Troop 1844 going forward.

In addition to the above items, Ashlyn is talented in management, marketing, leadership, organization, calligraphy, crafting, and sewing. Skills we like to see in our student employees as well! She will be working closely with our Student Activities Board, Campus Recreation & Residence Life team, and Student Federation advising them to serve campus effectively in their unique ways. Not only that, Ashlyn will take over management of the Grewcock Student Union, assisting in the myriad of tasks associated with that beloved building.

This all sounds great, but isn’t working at a College you graduated from a little weird? Maybe…but not when you have the mindset to serve, assist, and mentor — qualities that naturally exude from her personality. After all, it’s our job in the Student Activities Office to create the best college experience for our hardworking students. In fact, that’s part of her personal commitment to campus: “to do whatever is necessary so each individual student can thrive and grow into the best version of themselves.” We appreciate that.

We’re thankful this spirited graduate will be transitioning to our office and helping to plan her favorite events like Welcome Party, Garden Party, and Air Band (click here to watch her winning Air Band 2015 performance). You’ll be able to find Ashlyn’s work space located conveniently in the Student Union. She’s ready to serve as a reference point, idea generator, and extracurricular encourager.

Here’s to you our spirited star, and here’s to a better social life!


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