SAB Bios // Mackenzie Mahdashian

Name: Mackenzie (Mackie) Mahdashian

Class: Senior

Position: Decorations Officer

Favorite Event: Welcome Party

Mackenzie Mahdashian, affectionately known to us as Mackie, will be entering her second year on the Student Activities Board. This year, she will be expanding her position on SAB as she takes on the role of Decorations Officer. Mackie has stood out on the team with her ability to be, as she describes it, “a boss decorator.” Because an event is only as good as it looks right? She excels in crafting, painting, visual placement, and creating unique atmospheres at our events. Not only does Mackie help coordinate SAB events, she also hones her skills as the event chair of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and member of the Hillsdale College Cheer Team.

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Always down for a good photo op

During our planning meetings in May, Mackie gave us a sneak peak at a few of her ideas for Garden Party, President’s Ball, and Centralhallapalooza. Needless to say, the decorations will be bold, beautiful, and bossy (of course).  She is especially stoked for our initial event, Welcome Party, as it sets the tone for all of our activities throughout the year.

Mackie is passionate about SAB because it connects our student body through engaging activities and events, allowing them to relax and enjoy the FUN-ner things in life. You can count on her personal commitment to campus by taking part in events that cross social borders and allow every student to enjoy themselves!

Here’s to you our dear decorator and here’s to a better social life!

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